Future Retirement

Saving for the future can seem like a daunting task. With so many different options and methods for retirement planning, it’s easy for one to become overwhelmed. However, with the right expertise and knowledge, this task becomes much easier to manage. The dedicated staff here at Chadwick Financial is equipped with the right tools and knowledge to help you along the road to retirement.


Financial Planning

Chadwick Financial offers a wide array of services to aid in the management and planning of your funds. From the ability to directly manage your stock portfolio, to the simple tips that make saving and spending wisely easier, our team offers it all.


Asset Management

The stock market presents a great opportunity for investment and monetary returns. With the aid of a talented financial advisor, you’ll be able to capitalize on all the opportunities you hear so much about. Avoid the unnecessary risk of “DIY” investing and place your money in the safety of a knowledgeable financial advisor. We offer a variety of different investment strategies to fit your risk tolerance and return expectations.

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Did you sell your house, get a new job or have a baby?

If you experienced a life changing event, Chadwick Financial will help you get the most out of your situation!

Ready to Talk?

Meet Mike Chadwick!

Michael Chadwick is an Investment Advisor Representative offering unbiased financial advice. This allows Michael and his company, Chadwick Financial Advisors, to be highly unique in firm structure – fiercely independent – and proud of it. We don’t manufacture any products nor are we “in bed” with any corporate giant who does. The open architecture we have access to is designed to offer an atmosphere where you’ll receive personalized advice and counsel in an environment which seeks to reduce conflict.
Small-Business owners face copious responsibilities. From managing employees to finances, a lot of work always needs to be done. Poor financial planning and knowledge is a major cause of business failure and bankruptcy.
A busy family has a lot on their plate. Balancing work, kids, and social life can get tough. Then pile on all the finances that accompany a family life like a mortgage, car payments, and taxes, and it all becomes a lot to handle.
Whether currently retired or looking to begin saving for retirement, a financial advisor is the right place to start. Retirement is an expensive venture that shocks most individuals once they realize the true costs.

Why Choose Us

  • Fiercely independent and proud of it
  • Outcomes based solutions
  • Process focused, not product focused
  • Fee based advice representing you, the client, not a global corporation
  • Unlike most firms who are cheerleaders for Wall Street and the many generic prescriptions prescribed by the industry