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Business Owners

Small-Business owners are faced with a copious amount of responsibility. From managing employees to finances, there is a lot of work to constantly be done. Poor financial planning and knowledge is a major cause of business failure and bankruptcy. Chadwick Financial Advisors can help in this process as well as manage tax planning, pensions, benefits, and much more.

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As you climb higher up corporate ladder, the executive level begins to become complicated. Chadwick Financial Advisors can help the corporate executive evaluate complicated compensation packages and corporate risk. Managing large amounts of capital is a process that takes time and attention, which the executive usually has very little to spare.

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Newly Independent

The newly independent individual is suddenly faced with a wide array of new and difficult decisions. Whether it be due to divorce or the loss of a family member, newly independent individuals no longer have the assistance of another individual to help with financial planning and decision-making. Chadwick Financial Advisors specializes in helping these individuals reorganize their finances and gives them the necessary tools to succeed on their own.

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Working Families

A busy family has a lot on their plate. Balancing work, kids, and social life can get tough. Then pile on all the finances that accompany a family life, like a mortgage, car payments, and taxes, and it all becomes a lot to handle. Chadwick Financial Advisors helps working families get their finances in order so that they can focus on what’s important in their lives. We are here to manage your retirement, investments, life insurance, and the financial well-being of your family.

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State / Federal / Municipal

Government employees are often compensated differently than the rest of the population. Pensions for state employees are attractive, yet very complicated. Choosing the best pension plan for you and your family is a long-term decision that requires significant thought and research. With the help of a financial advisor you will be able to forecast different scenarios and identify one that suits your needs and maximizes your pension.

Golden Years


Whether currently retired, or looking to begin saving for retirement, a financial advisor is the right place to start. Retirement is an expensive venture that leaves most individuals shocked once they realize the true costs associated with retirement. Choosing an advisor you trust to give you the best plan for you pays off in the long run. Chadwick Financial Advisors will be able to give you honest and real answers about your income needs during retirement and the longevity of your savings.

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