They don’t have to be mutually exclusive, they should come together. When we give what do we get? When we give what do we lose? Do we get more by giving? Do we get less by not giving? What can we give?

Think about these quotes as you consider the above questions:

  • “For it is in giving that we receive”
  • “Children, marriages and flower gardens reflect the type of care they get”
  • “Give advice, if people don’t listen let adversity teach them”

Most of us want the same things – a healthy and happy life with our loved ones. If you’re lucky enough to have that then rest is gravy – pure extra on the cake of life. We are blessed to live in America where our biggest problem is typically how to save enough to retire and educate our children and not measure wider than we are tall. ☺ We all have gifts to share and give, but we also have limited time and resources so we need to prioritize our lives. The trick is to make sure your putting your energy where your beliefs are, not somewhere else. Many of us believe one thing but our actions don’t support that behavior. Giving is a winner every time regardless of what good you’re giving, we never lose by giving, we only gain by giving. The act of giving is initially difficult, but once the habit and mentality are developed, they’re contagious. If you want more of something, give it away. If you want love, give love and you’ll get it in return tenfold. If you want respect, give it away and you’ll get it in return tenfold. It’s a universal law, but seems counterintuitive. Are you giving enough of your gifts to the church and the greater good? Are you proud of how much your giving to the church? How much of your time are you giving to the church? Are you attending church regularly or rarely and are you getting involved with it? Have you hosted coffee hour lately? Ever? We’re lucky to have such a close and loving church family, are you taking advantage of what is right in front of you? We all hope to raise spiritual, ethical, healthy well balanced children – are you giving them the opportunity to develop the proper skills by attending church school regularly? Sporting events are indeed important but so is church school. You’ll get out of things exactly what you put into them, with an exponential increase. If you put a partial effort into something you’ll get part of the result. If you put 10% more in, you’ll likely get 20%+ more out, if you put 25% more in, you may get 50%+ more out. Your actions need to support your expected outcomes. Insanity is continuing to do what you’ve always done and expecting different results. Are you getting or giving or are you getting and giving?