We all want our children to do well in the world and succeed. We should look at how we’re behaving and make sure we’re letting the kids live the lives they want to live, not the ones we want them to live. I see many times a parent can push a child to do well in a particular area such as an instrument, a club, a sport, a subject, a grade, etc. to the detriment of the student if it’s for the wrong reasons. The kids may not be interested in the same things you are or the things you wish you had done as a kid. I’ve seen this become so acute that the child actually stops the activity altogether because it is suddenly miserable. It is as if as the parents are making the particular activity too much and not only unenjoyable for the kid but downright miserable. It’s hard to step back from what we’re doing as parents and its okay to flat out ask your kids if they’re doing these things because they want to do them or to make the us as parents happy. Balance is tough but critical.