Social Security Disability

Formally called Old Age Survivors Disability Insurance (OASDI) is designed to provide protection for eligible workers and their dependent against financial loss due to old age, disability, or death.

Qualifications for Disability Benefits:

  • SS uses the Quarter of Coverage (QC) system to determine whether or not an individual is qualified for SS benefits. Anyone working in jobs covered by SS or operating his/her own business may earn up to a maximum of 4 credits for each year of work.
  • Fully insured-refers to someone who has earned 40 quarters of coverage and is therefore entitled to receive SS retirement, Medicare, and survivor benefits.
  • An individual can be considered partially insured if he or she has earned 6 credits of coverage during the 13-quarter period ending with the quarter in which the insured: Dies; Becomes entitles to disability insurance benefits; Becomes entitled to old-age insurance benefits.

Definition of Disability:

  • Inability to engage in any substantially gainful activity by reason of a medically determinable physical or mental impairment that has lasted or is expected to last 12 months or result in an early death.

Waiting Period:

  • Elimination period for SS disability benefits is 5 months.
  • At the beginning of the 6th month benefits are paid and are not retroactive at the beginning of the disability.

Disability Income Benefits:

  • Based upon the worker’s Primary Insurance Amount (PIA), which is calculated from their Average Indexed Monthly Earnings over their highest 35 years.
  • SS benefits will continue for 3 months when a person returns to work making more than $500 per month.


Workers Compensation


  • Worker must work in an occupation covered by Workers Compensation and have had an accident or sickness that is work related. Payable when the worker is injured by a work-related injury, regardless of fault or negligence (regulated by the states).

Benefits: -Workers Compensation laws provide four types of benefits:

  • Medical
  • Income
  • Death
  • Rehabilitation