During the past few years, a growing number of home owners have become concerned about mold in their homes or businesses. The policy below is designed to give you some general information about mold and how insurers are responding to mold concerns. This information can generally apply to renters, condo owners, and business properties.



  • “Fungi” means any type or form of fungus, including mold or mildew, and any mycotoxins, spores, scents or by-products produced or released by fungi.
  • Under Section II, this does not include any fungi that are, are on, or are contained in, a  good or product intended for consumption.

Section I – Property Coverages

Fungi, Wet or Dry Rot, or Bacteria

a. The amount shown shown in the Schedule above is the most we will pay for:

  1. The total of all loss payable under Section I – Property Coverages caused by fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria;
  2. The cost to remove fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria from property covered under Section I – Property Coverages;
  3. The cost to tear out and replace any part of the building or other covered property as needed to gain access to the fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria; and
  4. The cost of testing of air or property to confirm the absence, presence or level of fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria whether performed prior to, during or after removal, repair, restoration or replacement. The cost of such testing will be provided only to the extent that there is a reason to believe that there is the presence of fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria.

b. The coverage described in 13.a. only applies when such loss or costs are a result of a Peril Insured Against that occurs during the policy period and only if all reasonable means were used to save and preserve the property from further damage at and after the time the Peril Insured Against occurred.

c. The amount shown in the Schedule for this coverage is the most we will pay for the total of all loss or costs payable under this Additional Coverage regardless of the:

  1. Number of locations insured under this endorsement; or
  2. Number of claims made.

d. If there is covered loss or damage to covered property, not caused, in whole or in part, by fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria, loss payment will not be limited by the terms of this Additional Coverage, except to the extent that fungi, wet or dry rot, or bacteria causes an increase in the loss. Any such increase in the loss will be subject to the terms of this Additional Coverage.

This coverage does not increase the limit of liability applying to the damaged covered property.

Accidental Discharge or Overflow of Water or Stream

Caused by constant or repeated seepage or leakage of water or the presence or condensation of humidity, moisture or vapor, over a period of weeks, months or years unless such seepage or leakage of water or the presence or condensation of humidity, moisture or vapor and the resulting damage is unknown to all insureds and is hidden within the walls or ceilings or beneath the floors or above the ceilings of a structure.