Asset Management

The stock market presents a great opportunity for investment and monetary returns. With the aid of a talented financial advisor, you’ll be able to capitalize on all the opportunities you hear so much about. Avoid the unnecessary risk of “DIY” investing and place your money in the safety of a knowledgeable financial advisor. Here at Chadwick Financial Advisors we offer a variety of different investment strategies to fit your risk tolerance and return expectations.

Active / Aggressive – An active portfolio style involves more trading activity and monitoring. The process requires more time and effort to monitor the progress of stocks in the portfolio. The stocks in these portfolios have high betas, or levels of volatility, and are associated with both greater risk, and reward. If you’re looking for some larger investment returns, an active style of investing can help to achieve that.

Passive / Defensive – A long-term buy & hold strategy that involves minimal trading activity. Stock selection is key and the portfolio generally follows the overall trend of the market. Investing in cyclical stocks creates a defensive portfolio that is more immune to market fluctuations.

Income – Income portfolios aim to create a stream of cash flow that creates wealth for the investor. This is often achieved through high dividend yielding stocks return money back to the investors.

Fundamental – Fundamental analysis is the research and analysis of the operations and financials of a company. It looks at a company’s performance in the marketplace as a basis of stock valuation rather than technical indicators pertaining to a stock.

Technical – Technical Analysis is the monitoring of the technical aspects of a particular stock. It does not take into account the operations of the firm, but rather only the metrics that are associated with the stock. Some investors use a strictly technical style, however, this method has a number of pitfalls and is better combined with fundamental analysis.

Risk Management

Chadwick Financial Advisors has the expertise to manage your funds while appropriately assessing the risk involved in these investments. Mike Chadwick will sit down and address each individual investor’s specific needs and risk tolerance to set up a plan that leaves the individual most comfortable. By placing funds in appropriate risk/reward settings and creating investment boundaries, Mike Chadwick is able to minimize the amount of risk each individual is exposed to while investing in the stock market.

Tax Diversification

Tax laws and codes are always changing and often unpredictable as our government adapts to our changing economy and environment. By placing funds in appropriate settings Chadwick Financial Advisors is able to minimize the effect taxes and penalties may have on your savings. Investing in the right accounts today will ultimately help in the future as you protect your retirement accounts and avoid paying extra fees and taxes. Strategies include investing in tax-benefiting funds and limiting premature withdrawals from retirement accounts.


Investing in securities (including the strategies advertised herein) involves risk of loss. Further, depending on the different types of investments there may be varying degrees of risk. Clients and prospective clients should be prepared to bear investment loss including loss of original principal.