Owning a small business is a risky and difficult venture that can come with great reward. However, without the right financial tools and direction a small business can ultimately fail. Chadwick Financial Advisors is here to help you and your small business get on track towards the road to success. We are here to help you with Financial Organization, Employment Contracts, and general Business & Tax Planning.

Financial Organization

Financial Organization is a vital component to operating a business. Without proper organization of a company’s finances it becomes easy to lose track of progress and see your financial stability spiral out of control. Chadwick Financial Advisors is here to help the general organization of your business’s finances so that it runs and maintains the most optimal level of efficiency. We can evaluate where best to allocate your funds and what will offer you the greatest return on your investment.

Employment Contract

Whether you are a business owner looking to find the best payment solutions for your employees, or an employee looking to evaluate offers, Chadwick Financial Advisors can help. An in-depth analysis of the benefits and costs of each contract will help to reveal which employment contract is right for you and your business. We can evaluate aspects such as payment schedules and insurance plans will put the bigger picture into the light to reveal the true impacts of each option.

Business Planning

Incorporating a business plan or model into the real world isn’t always as easy as it looks on paper. Having the expertise of a professional on your side can help fill in the gaps that would otherwise leave you and your business exposed to failure. Chadwick Financial can help in choosing the right locations, number of employees, and service offerings, all of which are integral parts to operating a successful business. With the help of Chadwick Financial Advisors, integrating a proper plan with sound financial organization will set up your business for success!



If you’re a business owner, the pension is a powerful tool most people miss out on.  We can use IRA’s, SIMPLE plans, SEPs, Single K’s, SARSEP’s, Profit Sharing Plans, 401k’s, 403b’, 457’s Defined Benefit Plans, Cash Balance Plans or even combinations thereof to maximize what your particular census and business demands.  Pensions come in many flavors today and with a well-designed plan you can maximize the tax benefits for you and your key people while benefitting all employees and reducing your taxes. Our experience is we can often lower taxes by more than you’ll give to your employees and you’ll have a net increase in income at the end of the day and instead of paying so much in taxes you’ll have given the money to your employees instead. I can assure you the employees will make better use of the funds than the government would have.

Succession Planning

Most businesses cannot survive 1 generational transfer, forget 2 or 3.  Having a well-designed succession plan will help increase the odds that your company will go to your heirs or if that is not possible get sold so your family benefits from the decades of your work in turning your dream into reality. We’ve not only helped hundreds of businesses work through this, we’ve lived it. In 2010, Mike purchased his college best friend’s business after suddenly passing at age 39.  Real life succession planning in action and without the plan in place the family would have suffered tremendously. Because the plan was in place, the family was able to benefit with a mid-seven figure sum over a period of a few years.

Portfolio Analysis

This becomes a bit more advanced for the business owner because so much of their lives are typically tied up in the business or in the stock of the corporation they run or work as an executive in.  We’re keenly aware of this dynamic and work diligently to ensure the business or stock holdings do not negatively impact the overall portfolio of the individual.  Many families have multiple businesses and real estate holdings that are part of their businesses and they need to be treated separately in the calculations.  Most people have never thought about this but once exposed it becomes evident that plans need to compensate for these concentrations and specific security, industry or asset risks.