Michael Chadwick, CEO of Chadwick Financial Advisors, lends his expertise and knowledge to the public as often as he can. With a vast wealth of knowledge and experience in securities and general finance, he appears frequently on media outlets and is quoted in finance journals. Michael Chadwick is available to appear on your media outlet, educate your staff through AFE Seminars, or even appear as a Key Note speaker at your event.

AFE Employment Education

Michael Chadwick offers services through The Association of Financial Educators, or AFE, which is dedicated to providing free financial education to the community. The educators of these seminars are experienced professionals within the finance sector who want to donate their time by educating the public through free workshops to employer groups and organizations. These services are not trying to “sell” you anything, and it comes to no cost to the employer or employees. At the end of the seminars, employees leave feeling empowered and educated in taking control of their finances. An employee who is financially literate becomes confident and adds value to the company.

Key Note Speaker

If you’re in need of a professional speaker to discuss finance at one of your events Michael Chadwick is available to do so. Michael Chadwick has been an advisor through the past two major recessions and has delivered outstanding returns over the years. With so much hands-on experience over the years there is a lot to talk about!

Media Appearances

Michael Chadwick has appeared on CNBC and various other talk shows over the years. His deep market insight and maverick style of investing makes him an attractive candidate for news interviews and commentary. Mike Chadwick is a lively speaker and never fails to keep a conversation rolling. Michael Chadwick frequently appears on radio broadcasts as well.