Mission Statement

The mission of Chadwick Financial Advisors is to provide a personalized financial solution that betters the lives of our clients and helps them achieve their long-term financial aspirations. Every client comes from different backgrounds and financial scenarios which leads us to create a customized and specifically tailored financial plan for each client. Chadwick Financial Advisors can help you protect what you have by making responsible decisions today as well as watching out for your future – helping you avoid potential problems decades down the road. We strive to create the piece-of mind that accompanies sound financial solutions.

Firm Beliefs

Michael Chadwick is an Investment Advisor Representative offering unbiased financial advice. This allows Michael and his companies, Chadwick Financial Advisors and Place Financial Advisors, to be highly unique in firm structure – fiercely independent – and proud of it. We don’t manufacture any products nor are we “in bed” with any corporate giant who does. The open architecture we have access to is designed to offer an atmosphere where you’ll receive personalized advice and counsel in an environment which seeks to reduce conflict. We’ve chosen Portsmouth Investment Research as our Broker/Dealer – a completely independent firm. Portsmouth is not owned by nor is it an affiliate of any corporate giant. Investment advisory services offered through Chadwick Financial Advisors, LLC, Smartlife, LLC & Claraphi, LLC. Helping people improve their financial situations is our mission. One definition of insanity is doing what you’ve always done and expecting different results. It is true that in order to work towards improving your outcome you’ll need a proven, systematic process that is easy to implement and maintain. We’ve been entrusted to help hundreds of families, businesses, charities and pension funds towards reaching their goals – truly an honor and a responsibility we do not take lightly.

Process, not Product

Some financial advisors try to use one-size fits all products and solutions to manage your money. Chadwick Financial Advisors takes a different approach and believes that it’s the process, not the product that makes all the difference. Even a perfect “product” or stock means nothing if the process of utilizing it is all wrong. Creating above-average returns is a result of using the right processes and techniques to identify the best opportunities at the right time.

Pioneering Thought Leadership

Do you want to be a leader or a follower? Mike Chadwick does not simply “follow the market” but rather is a pioneer in his though processes and execution. Mike leads a maverick style of investing that goes against the grain of traditional methods but also creates.